1. Taking forward your digital transformation strategy – At a time of leadership change, system reconfiguration and unprecedented challenges, this is your opportunity to look up and out. Hear how others are driving digital at pace, delivering projects at scale and unlocking productivity and efficiency savings.
  2. Build your network by joining 120 fellow senior digital leaders - Catch up with colleagues and meet like-minded peers all trying to accelerate digital transformation and deliver impact.
  3. Take the opportunity to challenge the centre - HSJ is committed to offering a platform where senior NHS leaders join rigorous debate and be properly challenged. 
  4. Be part of a welcoming and supportive environment - The summit will give you a chance to band together with people who share similar experiences, challenges and frustrations to share learnings and reach solutions. 
  5. Learn from our speakers, attendees and partners - From the biggest solutions to a single useful nugget of advice. Your time won’t be wasted, and you’ll take away tangible ideas and insight to adopt in your organisation and system. 
  6. Access content that has been curated by HSJ, an independent publisher - We’re not pursuing an agenda or acting as a mouthpiece – all the session content has been researched and requested by attendees.
  7. Hear from a stellar speaking line-up of the most high-level digital transformation leaders - But instead of the same old PowerPoint presentations, join our editorial team in asking hard questions, engaging in debate and stimulating a productive discussion.
  8. Benefit from some important thinking time - Spend two days thinking about the longer term and how you can accelerate digital transformation in both your organisation and system.
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