At DXC Healthcare we firmly believe that by placing clinicians and patients at the heart of every solution we develop, we will not only alleviate pressures within healthcare but importantly improve patient experience and drive better outcomes. Our enabling solutions will empower patients to more ‘self-service’ and ‘self-care management’ through the ease of engaging with healthcare professionals as and when they require, in real-time. We understand and have long term experience in digitising care pathways from infrastructure, to data, to digital platforms and applications to automation and AI and virtual support that ensures we provide our customers with solutions tailored to specifically meet its challenges. This belief also extends to delivering workforce solutions, where our focus is on solutions which create an improved employee experience and wellbeing for staff as well as improved training, development and candidate experience in the recruitment process.  

 We believe in collaborating across health and life sciences, which will jointly help to reduce the demand across healthcare. DXC Life Science industry bring a full digital ecosystem view that helps pharma, biopharma and medical devices companies embrace the new tech advancements faster while driving efficiencies to bring with the cost of new treatments for patients.

Across health and life sciences, we bring the DXC partner mindset to all our solutions and services, backed by investment and our highly skilled, experienced teams.