At DrDoctor we’re helping fundamentally shift how people interact with the NHS, providing two-way integrations that allow not only better access but smarter pathways and automation. Our platform currently supports 21 million patients, has handle over 100 million appointments and we have over 250,000 patients accessing the platform daily.

Designed specifically for the NHS, over 50 trusts have transformed care pathways with DrDoctor to:

  • Reduce DNAs 
  • With machine learning to identify who is likely to DNA 
  • Fill last minute slots 
  • Empower patients to self-schedule and create smart PROMs 
  • Reduce waitlists by 5-15% average 
  • Reduce unnecessary appointments and validate waiting lists 
  • Use digital follow-up needs assessments + digital PIFU to see patients based on their need rather than time 
  • Reduce spend, release cash and remove lower value interventions.

We are driving a hybrid digi-physical healthcare system which meets demand without sacrificing care quality.