11 - 12 February 2021
Crowne Plaza, Stratford Upon Avon



BJSS has over 1,300 members of staff working across 8 offices in the UK and 2 in the USA. BJSS are specialists who are technology agnostic and work with open source software and open source code.

BJSS, has worked with the NHS since 2012, has managed and delivered numerous, complex strategic projects (including HES, Spine2, e-RS, CIS++), working with NHS management, delivery and operations across internal and public-facing workstreams, acquiring significant knowledge of NHS priorities. Developing e-RS, BJSS worked with primary care, NHS trusts, CCGs, urgent care, NHS England’s Caldicott Guardians and IG team to develop a solution suitable for all kinds of users, across the NHS. BJSS understands the differing priorities and working practices between NHS organisations on giving strategic direction and delivering the Long-Term Plan and managing the performance of the sector.

In 2019 BJSS were named AWS Public Sector Partner of the year. 

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