Nicola Haywood-Alexander

12 - 13 February 2020
Crowne Plaza, Stratford Upon Avon

Industry expert

  Nicola Haywood-Alexander

Nicola Haywood-Alexander

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS Digital Director

With over 30 years’ experience working in technology and 20 years’ managing and leading digital transformation across the public sector, Nicola is the Digital Director at South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System. 

Nicola was raised by NHS professionals, is mother to a junior doctor and is now a carer. She therefore frequently sees for herself what those receiving healthcare services experience. Her overriding passion is the provision of citizen-centric solutions and innovations that support new models of healthcare delivery. She brings expertise from sectors beyond the NHS, where she directed the implementation of student journey and public relationship management programmes that transformed the way services are delivered and how they engage with service users.

Sheffield Health and Social Care under her leadership became a GDE Fast Follower to with Worcestershire Health and Care, developing an new Open Standards MH EPR with integrated care pathways and a clinical viewer.

With SYB ICS being part of the Yorkshire and Humber Health and Care Record (LHCRE) Nicola was invited to establish and Chair of the YHCR Co-Design Authority. Here she is working to ensure the YHCR is co-designed and co-produced with health and care professionals and citizens. Nicola is a champion of the voice of the patient in health technology design and the provision of data, and that the essential requirement of clinical governance and safety are an integral part of the design and delivery process.

Nicola is also the current Chair of the YHPSN Partnership Board, overseeing the migration of Yorkshire and Humberside public networks to HSCN, the deployment of GovRoam. More recently she is working with Partners on the development of a Cloud Strategy for SYB in preparation for the Internet First and anticipation of the exponential growth in health and care data.

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