Mirella Marlowe

11 - 12 February 2021
Crowne Plaza, Stratford Upon Avon

Industry expert

  Mirella  Marlowe

Mirella Marlowe

Programme Director, Centre for Health Technology Evaluation, NICE

Mirella Marlow is responsible for NICE’s programmes that evaluate and develop guidance on medical devices, diagnostics and interventional procedures.  She works with industry, health services, government policymakers, life sciences organisations and researchers to maximise the effectiveness of NICE’s work in these areas.   Mirella joined NICE in 2004, having previously worked for 15 years as a commissioner in the NHS. She has an MBA and a Masters in Medical Ethics and Law from Keele University. Her interests in medical ethics include measuring cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve safety in healthcare, and incorporating ethical considerations into HTA. 

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