Philip Jarrett

Executive Director
Voice-Care Ltd

With over 25 years’ experience within the IT and Automatic Identification Industry, Philip Jarrett has held senior positions at IBM, Datalogic, Honeywell and his own company, Mi-Zone, where he won the UK’s Special Award for Innovation & Technology from the Government’s Technology Strategy Board (UK-TSB) in 2009/10.

Philip has gained a significant depth of knowledge around an array of complex and intricate technologies over the years and as the founding member of Voice-Care, has applied his experience to create a ground-breaking solution for the healthcare sector, designed to revolutionise patient safety and care.

Through the use of Voice-directed technology, Voice-Care addresses the need to record patient observations directly from the bedside in real-time. A low-cost, dynamic and real-time digital solution, Voice-Care uses two-way speech commands and a custom-built scheduling system to prioritise and manage the administration of medicines and patient observations, transforming and progressing patient care now and well into the future.