Event Overview

11 - 12 February 2021
Crowne Plaza, Stratford Upon Avon

The way people live, work and interact has changed massively over the last ten years, and that evolution is set to continue, and indeed escalate.  The NHS, meanwhile, is under immense pressure and must find ways to economise.  Innovative new technologies offer real potential to alleviate this pressure and drive down costs, but it will require a cultural shift and a step change in the way NHS staff work and interact with patients. 

At this event, we will consider:

  • Barriers to adoption and how they can be removed
  • How to accelerate investment in technology
  • Shifting mindsets and achieving staff acceptance to new ways of working
  • How big data and data analytics can improve patient safety, medicines management and the monitoring of chronic health conditions
  • Evolving business processes so that they support technology adoption and ongoing evolution
  • Patient acceptance and compliance
  • How successful trials can be effectively scaled up

This will not be just ‘talking heads’.  The programme will profile many examples of success and best practice, with an emphasis on practical takeaways and learning points. 

The audience can look forward to a highly interactive experience, where solutions and practical strategies will be shared and examined, and doubts and concerns can be expressed openly. 

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