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EIDO Healthcare, the experts in informed consent. Providing comprehensive medicolegal compliant content and digital consent solutions to support informed shared decision-making.

Digital informed consent will be instrumental in helping the NHS recover the backlog of elective surgery following the pandemic. EIDO’s informed consent documents and solutions are used in over 65% of NHS hospitals and 85% of acute private hospitals in the UK and are supported by the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

EIDO's intuitive content driven consent solutions for treatment-specific patient information are: 

  • empowering clinicians to implement efficient, paperless consent processes 
  • directly supporting the NHS digital drive 
  • meeting needs for remote and virtual consultations 
  • helping to minimise non-essential patient contact 

Our cloud-based digital consent solutions and documentation are regularly reviewed and always up to date. They have been developed to enhance patient understanding and experience, whilst also improving process efficiency, and optimising clinical workflows, which also helps to protect organisational and clinical reputations. 

Inadequate informed consent is a costly drain on the NHS (over £58m was paid out in 2019-20 due to "failure to warn”). Independent data through NHS Resolution demonstrates that hospitals using EIDO typically pay out (on average) 25% less in consent litigation fees. 

EIDO's detailed library of procedure-specific and patient-centred care information is simply incomparable. In use in nearly 1000 hospitals across four continents, it’s been invaluable in supporting shared decision-making between clinicians and patients for over 20 years. 

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