Dr Ahmad Moukli

GP and Clinical Lead
Prospect House Surgery

Dr Ahmad Moukli is a family physician with over 15 years’ experience in general practice and a special interest in orthopaedics and minor surgery. He has a real passion for medical informatics and technology and in 2001 he earned an MSc in Medical Informatics, with his graduate project focussing on how best to propagate clinical guidelines in the context of medical decision-making support systems.

Putting the theories into practice, Dr Moukli spearheaded the rollout of summary care records in Buckinghamshire when working as Clinical IT Lead at the Chiltern/Aylesbury Vale CCG. At his current surgery, he has achieved nearly 90% completion in his continued effort to transition to a paperless practice. He is also working with DXS on the automated, NICE guidelines-driven, optimisation of the management of long-term conditions.

In his spare time, Dr Moukli is an avid ‘first-adopter’ of new tech and enjoys trialling and critiquing software and hardware.